Notebook - page 2

Starforged: Valentin Sikorski (Session 5)

Session 5 of my Ironsworn: Starforged actual play journal. A simple delivery side job develops unexpectedly. And who are Scarlet Blades?

Starforged: Valentin Sikorski (Session 4)

Session 4 of my Ironsworn: Starforged actual play journal. Valentin continues in his preparations for an information-extraction heist. Is he going to be able to steal the necessary navigational data?

Starforged: Valentin Sikorski (Session 3)

Session 3 of my Ironsworn: Starforged actual play journal. We learn a bit more about Valentin's lost mentor Yelena. Valentin is offered the promised job and given a plan. He is also introduced to a new connection and tested in a battle

Starforged: Valentin Sikorski (Session 2)

Session 2 of my Ironsworn: Starforged actual play journal. Is Valentin going to be able to pick up and deliver the package?

Starforged: Valentin Sikorski (Sessions 0+1)

Starforged is a TTRPG game with a focus on narrative and is very well designed for (not only) solo play. This post is the first in a series of my play reports. Let's see which stories are going to unfold.

Crashed Resistance X-Wing 1:72 diorama

Another Bandai kit of a vehicle from StarWars. Crashed after an emergency landing.

Gaslands vehicle and diorama

A build log for a Gaslands inspired vehicle with a piece of terrain.

Another year of Sofle keyboard

It’s been almost a year since I wrote my last update about Sofle Keyboard. At that time, I had one prototype of Sofle V2 on my table and was happy with the state of the design. My attention moved onto other projects and hobbies and I didn’t really feel like evolving the design at all. Recently I have built my second (only!) Sofle V2 build and realized a lot has happened for Sofle since the last time and it might be nice to write an update.

Scratchbuilding beatbots

A scratch-building story full of beads, bots, super-glue and baking soda.

Snowspeeder flying over Hoth diorama

I was really happy with the snowspeeder model I have built, but I was unhappy with the stand included in the kit. I decided to try to build a piece of terrain and create simple scenery.