Josef Adamčík

Android developer, Software developer

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I perceive myself as a self-reliant problem solver, a humble craftsman and a permanent learner. I value gradual improvement over big rewrites. I believe that clean code, automated testing, code reviews, CI/CD and other good practices are crucial parts of high-quality software development, but the most important thing is to deliver value.



Senior Sotware Engineer 2021 Apr - current After the disassembly of the mobile team I was offered another role in Olmero. This involves mix of full-stack development in various technologies and devops. My responsibility is to help modernize software and infrastructure in the company.
Senior Android developer 2018 Oct - 2021 Apr Olmero is a Swiss company which aims to connect the construction industry. I was part of a mobile team which had been working on the OLMeRo android application. The app itself allowed companies to manage the construction process and collaboration among contractors right at the construction site (plans, defect and task management, logging). The development of the app was discontinued after the company was sold to a new owner who decided to focus on another portion of business. This eventually led to a disassembly of mobile teams.
Android developer 2018 (Mar-Oct) I helped companies with their software projects.

Software developer 2006-2018 I worked for Smarcoms for almost 12 years. I started as a student and continued my career in the company after I had finished my degree. The company changed a lot during all those years and I met a lot of developers, learned a lot of technologies and participated in many interesting projects.

I started as a website developer (PHP, Symfony) but I soon moved to other projects.

I was part of a team which developed a mid-scale Java web application - booking system for sports centres called Bizzy. My role was to do a full-stack development. I worked with technologies like Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Richfaces, PostgreSQL, Tomcat.

Next big project was a mobile application Shopin - Czech mall/retail guide. The application consisted of a backend with API, web app for administering, several services for data gathering, and two mobile apps for Android and iOs. Mobile applications started as hybrid HTML5 apps supported by Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and later evolved to into native applications. I participated as a lead backend developer and hybrid mobile app developer, later as a native Android developer. Technologies were: PHP, Symfony, Java, JavaScript, Python, MySQL and others.

There were many other projects I worked on. I developed several Android applications for various clients, built backends for those applications (or helped to build them). I helped to support legacy projects of our clients and solved various problems our clients had trouble with. I grew into a “go to” person for most of my colleagues.


  1. Android
  2. Kotlin
  3. Java
  4. JavaScript
  5. PHP
  6. Symfony
  7. SQL
  8. HTML
  9. CSS
  10. Spring
  11. Hibernate
  12. JSF
  13. PostgreSQL
  14. MySQL
  15. Python
  16. Django
  17. Drupal
  18. Git
  19. SVN
  20. Linux
  21. Testing
  22. CI
  23. Cordova
  24. JUnit
  25. Espresso
  26. TDD


beginner (I am unable to offer cooperation in the German language)


Software Engineering in Economics, master degree
CVUT FJFI 2006-2010 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Software Engineering in Economics, bachelor degree
CVUT FJFI 2003-2006 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
electronics, computer technology
SPŠ strojní a dopravní v Děčíně 1999-2003

Website (info, resume, blog)
Showcase project (Android + Kotlin)

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