Gaslands vehicle and diorama

A build log for a Gaslands inspired vehicle with a piece of terrain.

I have started this project last year. This build was again a challenge for Patroens by Bill Making Stuff. The challenge was to build a Gaslands vehicle build. Gaslands is a tabletop post-apocalyptic game inspired by Mad Max. The idea is to take a regular toy car (Hot Wheels etc.) and make it look post-apocalyptic and ready for a deadly race. I made the car at the time the challenge was taking place. I have added a piece of terrain later at the end of the year. It wouldn’t really make sense for the game itself. But it was a good opportunity to learn a bit about how to create a basic piece of terrain and it makes it more interesting to display on my shelve.

This post is mostly pictures of the build process.

Making the vehicle

Building the terrain

So far I have built only a piece of snowy terrain for my Star Wars Snowspeeder. I plan to make more complex and difficult sceneries in the future. So I figured I could try something simple for this build as well just to learn some techniques. The main inspiration in the process comes from another YouTube channel I like a lot Boylei Hobby Time . Check him out, he makes awesome things.

Originally, I planned to convert more of the cars I bought. But so far I didn’t feel the inspiration and I moved onto other projects.