Snowspeeder flying over Hoth diorama

I was really happy with the snowspeeder model I have built, but I was unhappy with the stand included in the kit. I decided to try to build a piece of terrain and create simple scenery.

This was my first attempt to build a diorama and piece of terrain. My inspiration comes from the scene in Star Wars Episode V where snowspeeders are flying over Hoth and searching for Luke and Han. There are several shots where they fly low over a snowy terrain with rocks poking through the snow here and there.

I have used only a few materials:

  • plaster
  • aluminium foil to create moulds for rocks
  • piece of wood as a base
  • Mod Podge and baking soda for snow
  • brass rod to mount the model

Build log

It’s not the last one!

I feel this does make the project feel more finished. Now it tells a bit more interesting story. I am certainly going to try another diorama for my next build. I have some plans for a scenery with a crashed X-Wing.