Who am I?

I am an experienced software developer. I am open to new professional opportunities at the moment. My resume.

Quick facts about me

  • I recently moved to Dortmund (Germany) and I am not willing to relocate.
  • Although you can find many interesting keywords in my resume, I focus on Android development, at least for the time being. I might be interested in some backend projects (PHP, JavaEE) if the offer is exceptional (this "exceptionality" can manifest itself in different ways). However, to be honest, I would have to refresh my knowledge, which is a bit outdated, due to my focus on Android.
  • I speak Czech (native), English (proficient). I don't speak German. I am learning, but it will take some time until I will be able to communicate on professionally reasonable level.
  • I have been ~12 years in software development and ~5 years in Android development. Honestly, I don't remember exactly when I have started with Android development.
  • I perceive myself as a self-reliant problem solver, humble craftsman and permanent learner. I value gradual improvement over big restarts/rewrites. I believe that clean code, automated testing, code reviews, CI/CD and other good practices are crucial parts of high-quality software development, but the most important thing is to deliver value. And also I am a bit shy guy, so please, try not to scare me.

What am I interested in?

  • Permanent, local-based role in an English-speaking team in Dortmund or nearby. I am sorry, but I do not consider more than 3 hours of commute daily as "nearby".
  • Permanent, fully remote role in an English speaking team anywhere in Europe. You should know, what you can expect from remote cooperation and you should be able to handle it. Remote is harder than on-site for all parties involved.
  • Freelance contract, fully remote, communication in English or Czech. Details would be negotiated individually.

My projects

I have a showcase project, so you can check out some code I wrote recently. Please, keep in mind that it's just a toy project I have been working on in my spare time. So it's not perfect, it has only limited functionality etc.

There are, of course, projects that I had developed when I was working for my former employer. However, I feel that it's not perfectly professional to present them publicly, as my personal references.

Want to hire me?

Do you think I may be useful part of your team? Do you have an offer that fits the criteria mentioned above? Feel free to contact me. But please, try do be more specific, than: "I would like to have a call with you". Thank you.

My resume can be found here.


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