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Every wednesday we roll Volume 2 - a zine of my TTRPG group

The Berlin RPG group I happen to be member of celebrated its second birthday and released a small zine written by some of the members. My contributtion is part of the zine as well.

My 2023 in TTRPG

Year 2023 was for me huge regarding playing table-top RPG games and meeting new people.

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Stáňa - a monoblock split keyboard, part 2

The first version is assembled and it has a 3D printed case already, what is next?

Stáňa AKA Sofle Unsplit - a monoblock split keyboard

The itch is back. The one that makes me design another keyboard. Let me sum up my thoughts and plans about Stáňa keyboard.

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Crashed Resistance X-Wing 1:72 diorama

Another Bandai kit of a vehicle from StarWars. Crashed after an emergency landing.

Gaslands vehicle and diorama

A build log for a Gaslands inspired vehicle with a piece of terrain.