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I am an experienced software developer. I am NOT open to new professional opportunities at the moment. More about me.

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KITTBlink2 - KITT inspired gizmo AKA Larson scanner, version 2

An improved version of my previous creation. Better and hackier!

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Activity journal - progress update

Progress update about the Activity journal project.

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Activity journal - designing UX

It this part I am going to dive into a short and crude UX design phase for the Activity Journal application.

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It's never too late to learn C++ properly.

If you asked me a year ago to learn C++, I would politely refuse. Now I am (re)learning it.

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Activity journal - a mobile application idea and a personal project kickoff

I have got an idea for an Android application during my vocation. In this article, I am elaborating on the idea and my motivation to build it.

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