Every wednesday we roll Volume 2 - a zine of my TTRPG group

I have mentioned the group I started playing with last year in my previous post. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had a blast playing around 15 games with the group, and I ran three games myself (two games of Mothership and one of Alien RPG).

The group celebrated two years of its existence in April. Yes, there was a party, and yes, there were games. We also published a zine called Every Wednesday WE roll volume 2 (You can grab it for free on itch). It’s the second issue; the first one was released last year and is also available on itch.

The zine is small and humble but packed with good stuff. You can also read more about the group in both zines. My contribution is a short adventure for Mothership called “Dreams of Candyhill”. It’s just three A5 pages long, and I took it as a challenge to pack as much as I could within this space and wrote the adventure in a rather short time.

And a small note: it does have Mothership stats for NPCs, but apart from that, it should be easy to incorporate into other games and even worlds. I can imagine this being a present-day Liminal Horror investigation or a cyberpunk mission, maybe for CY_BORG or any other cyberpunk game you fancy.

I think it might be worth improving the layout for readability and investing more time into making it better overall. It’s possible that in the future, I’ll create a newer, bigger version and publish it as a standalone module. But for now, enjoy what is there.