Freeform 555-timer-based breathing diode bug

I have been watching those amazing freeform creations by people like @MohitBhoite and @jipraus for some time. I examined many entries for the recent Circuit Sculpture Contest on and have been thinking, that I would love to build something like that, but I had been convinced that my skills are not good enough.

But skills can be trained and learned. So I finally ordered a few brass rods and tried my first freeform sculpture. Here’s the result.


The circuit is based on this one (it’s possible to find this schematic all over the internet). My version is powered by 5v, uses only a 100Ω current limiting resistor for two yellow LEDs. Also, the R1 resistor is 20KΩ in my case. I used transistor BC337.

Build log

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Next plans

I want to build a few more small things in order to get better at this. Once I improve my skills and learn some tricks, I would like to build my shift register-based Larson scanner in this style.