Notebook - page 2

Learning the hard way - DIY power measurement unit with INA219 and ATtiny85

A story about how I was reminded that impatience and impetuosity can backfire when dealing with hardware.

Building a custom keyboard - Katana60

I learned recently that there’s a huge community around making of custom mechanical keyboards. Even though building such keyboard is actually quite expensive I failed to resist the temptation and decided to build my first one.

KITTBlink2 - KITT inspired gizmo AKA Larson scanner, version 2

An improved version of my previous creation. Better and hackier!

Activity journal - progress update

Progress update about the Activity journal project.

Activity journal - designing UX

It this part I am going to dive into a short and crude UX design phase for the Activity Journal application.

It's never too late to learn C++ properly.

If you asked me a year ago to learn C++, I would politely refuse. Now I am (re)learning it.

Activity journal - a mobile application idea and a personal project kickoff

I have got an idea for an Android application during my vocation. In this article, I am elaborating on the idea and my motivation to build it.

More blinking LEDs - KITT inspired gizmo, version 1

What could I do with couple of ICs (mainly shift registers), LEDs and basic components, but without a micro-controller?

LED cube 4x4x4 with ATtiny84 and 74138

I made a LED cube. A silly thing that blinks a lot and is controlled by programmable microcontroller. But why? And how?

A place to write things down

I had a blog for a long time. I wrote the first post at 2005 and the last one at 2010. Blog was written in Czech language and the topics varied from Programming, through Linux, films, music, to various jottings about my daily life. I had covered my first serious attempt to quit smoking (which failed after 6 months), projects I had been working and so on. Though I wasn’t the most productive writer, yet I had managed to write over 100 posts during those 5 years.