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More blinking LEDs - KITT inspired gizmo, version 1

What could I do with couple of ICs (mainly shift registers), LEDs and basic components, but without a micro-controller?

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LED cube 4x4x4 with ATtiny84 and 74138

I made a LED cube. A silly thing that blinks a lot and is controlled by programmable microcontroller. But why? And how?

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A place to write things down

I had a blog for a long time. I wrote the first post at 2005 and the last one at 2010. Blog was written in Czech language and the topics varied from Programming, through Linux, films, music, to various jottings about my daily life. I had covered my first serious attempt to quit smoking (which failed after 6 months), projects I had been working and so on. Though I wasn’t the most productive writer, yet I had managed to write over 100 posts during those 5 years.

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